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EKW with Miss USA titleholders
Why prepare for a pageant with PageantPrep?

Winning is about so much more than how you look on stage.  While the PageantPrep team offers coaching for all aspects of competition, including hair and makeup, walking, posing, turning, onstage presence and talent, winning begins with your paperwork and your preparation.

Ater you've perfected your body, your onstage presentation, and your talent, the decision as to whether you make it to the top, happens in the interview.  Every aspect of your preparation is important - how you look in your gown and swimsuit, as well as howyou fill our your contestant information, how you present yourself in the interview and how you speak on stage for your introduction and/or your onstage question.  Of all these areas of competition, however, the interview is the most underestimated. 

Why is interview so important?  Almost every competitor in a pageant is attractive, and many are fit and look great in their gowns and swimsuits, so beauty is typically not the distinguishing factor. The interview room is the only place where you can distinguish yourself from the other beautiful, in shape girls, and truly allow the judges to learn who you are and what you're all about.  It's your personality and your personal experiences that really make you different, memorable and unique.  Interview is the critical portion of the competition where you should, and must, set yourself apart from all the other beautiful contestants with whom you are competing in order to win that crown.  Simply put, to win, you have to have the WHOLE PACKAGE.

How do I prepare?

While many pageant contestants will spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on personal training, nutrition, hair, makeup, clothes and evening gown, whenEKW and 2011 Miss Massachusetts Teen USA it comes to interview, most contestants make the mistake of going into it with little or no preparation at all!  They foolishly think that if they  are "just themselves" or if they are "conversational,"  they'll do fine.  They’ve probably been told by friends or family that if they "practice answering questions" that's enough.  Here's the truth: it’s not.  

Repeating and practicing questions and answers over and over again is completely useless, especially if you have no idea whether your answers are good!  First you need an interview plan.  PageantPrep has an exclusive copyright-protected interview workbook along with proven effective techniques that will help you craft and develop your strategy and your message before you even enter the interview room!  We will help you decide what you want the judges to know about you by the time you leave that room.  We will assist you in analyzing, reframing, and presenting YOUR life experiences and qualities which have helped define you. We will teach you the skills to  best present yourself and determine what you will bring to the crown that is different from all the other contestants.  PageantPrep will teach you how to use your limited time wisely and really get the most out of your interview.  Do NOT wait until the actual interview to wing it and decide what you are going to say once you enter the room.  Be prepared for the questions, and don't risk your chance at the crown.  It only takes one bad answer to ruin your shot at winning interview --and the whole pageant. 

PageantPrep coaching will help you perfect your interview, eliminating your anxiety, boosting your confidence, and providing you with a way to present your true and best self to the judges, both on stage and in the interview room.  You will learn how  to determine whether your answer is a great one, or one that is hurting you in the interview room.  You'll learn how to distinguish yourself from the other contestants and how to avoid critical mistakes.  You learn the four time-tested and failsafe techniques for answering any current event or political question so you are never at a loss for a great answer to a challenging question.  You owe it to yourself to go into the interview portion with the same kind of time, effort, and excellence that you spend on your gown and your physical appearance.  With PageantPrep training, you will be able to project a winning attitude and feel more prepared and confident, in all aspects of competition.

How is PageantPrep different?

EKW and Erica Wright, 2010 Miss RI Teen USAErika's extensive knowledge combined with Senior Associate Amy Diaz's incredible pageant success as a multiple titleholder at both the state, national and international levels make the perfect combination for instruction.  With 5 educational degrees and almost 50 years of pageant background and experience between the two of them, you won't find a better balanced and more comprehensive team of instructors.  You also have access to an incredible talent consultant and vocal coach, Marilyn Cocozza Trillo, 3rd Runner Up to Miss America and a Miss America national talent award winner to help you select and perfect an amazing onstage talent performance.

While many coaches talk about conceptual approaches to pageant preparation, PageantPrep gives you concrete, practical instruction combined with technique and theory, that you can, and will, actually use.  Specifically tailored to meet your needs and reflect your own individual accomplishments and unique personality, Erika will help you craft your key points of focus in the interview room, as well as provide you with a useful strategy that will assist you in answering even the most difficult current event and political questions.  She will also help you develop a session schedule that will maximize your limited pre-pageant time efficiently and effectively.  Moreover, unlike many other coaches, Erika has years of personal experience in the pageant industry, not only as a former pageant finalist, but as the daughter of a former Miss America Top 5 finalist and former executive director of a Miss America state preliminary competition, and pageant competition judge for a number of different pageant systems, and will give you backstage and onstage tips.  

Amy utilizes her extensive history of pageant competition and successful placement at state, national and international pageant systems in order to provide the highest level of instruction for all types of pageant competitions.  A successful pageant judge for the Miss USA state systems, as well as National American Miss and many others, Amy is one of the most well respected competitors in pageantry.  Her guidance and instruction in image consultation (including hair, makeup and wardrobe) in addition to on stage performance, walking, posing, turning and presentation is unparalleled in the industry.

 Amy with Monique JonesProfessional expertise coupled with an outstanding professional reputation takes years to develop, as does a client base that provides PageanPrep with extensive feedback and constructive information to help you win your next competition. Erika's background as a former professor and current practicing attorney ensures that she can deliver effective and efficient teaching in the learning style that best suits you, and in a way that is easy to understand and fun to learn.  In addition, she is able to utilize her professional expertise to draft and edit contestant paperwork and even help you craft a winning and creative pageant introduction for your next competition.  Be wary of former contestants turned instant  "coaches" - few, if any, have the time-tested proven experience that yields years and years of consistent winners across a multitude of pageant systems, and more importantly, even fewer really know how to truly teach what they claim to know. 

While PageantPrep is renowned for interview training, PageantPrep provides everything from
and image consultation, drafting and editing of interview/delegate profile and information sheets, onstage walking, turning, posing, poise and appearance, swimsuit selection, talent development and critique, evening gown selections, platform development and execution, on stage questions with microphone, personal introduction and 'optional' competition training and referrals for fitness.  She will also counsel you on maintaining your focus and confidence not only during interview, but during the entire competition process.  Even after you win,
Erika can provide valuable guidance for personal appearances and public speaking engagements during your reign.

Knowledgeable about all facets of pageant preparation, Erika and Amy's coaching has been utilized extensively in over 40 pageant systems including the Miss USA Pageant system, Miss Teen USA, Miss America Organization, America's Most Outstanding Teen, America's Junior Miss Program, Miss Earth international pageant system, Miss and Teen World, Perfect Miss, Miss and Teen International, and National American Miss Pageant , among many others.

When and how do I start training?

EKW with Mary MalloyPageantPrep clients have two choices: individual private sessions or group classes.  Most clients start with a class and then follow up with some private sessions to perfect what they've learned.

Individual private
training typically begins ten to twelve weeks in advance of the pageant, and for interview training, we recommend 6 to 10 one hour sessions to truly develop the technique and effectively answer over 900 of our sample personal, political, current event and local questions. The first step is to schedule your initial consultation which provides an opportunity for a personal assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement, as well as a detailed discussion about the coaching process, and the client's personal goals and expectations.  Thereafter, sessions are implemented in a particular order in to provide foundation basics first.  Sessions are conducted at our fully equipped and private training studio located in Warwick, RI, and are generally held in the evenings and on weekends.  Sessions can be purchased as a package by credit card, or paid as you go per session by cash or check. 

A typical private training schedule is as follows:

Initial consultation Meet and greet of client; discussion of previous pageant experience (if any), analysis and assessment of potential strengths and weaknesses, explanation of training technique and basics of competition including the critical use of time in the interview and on stage, 'proof not promise' and other key elements.  Distribution of PageantPrep packet.
Sessions 1-2 Discussion of interview basics and foundation.  Distribution and discussion of PageantPrep packet. Basics on walking, turning, poise and appearance. 
Session 3 Preparation, completion and review of contestant profile information and other contestant documentation; review of wardrobe selections.
Sessions 4-6 Distribution and discussion of personal interview questions; practice of poise and appearance. Development, review, and practice of personal introduction/platform information /talent presentation where applicable.   
Sessions 7-8 Instruction and review on use of microphone; practice and review and on-stage speaking.  Review of walking, poise and appearance, makeup application, additional wardrobe/jewelry selections, talent and/or personal introduction. 
Sessions 9-10 Discussion and review of current event/political/local questions.  Final question session and onstage microphone practice. Review and discussion of competition preparation and backstage tips.

PageantPrep classGroup classes

Group classes are generally conducted 1-2 times a month depending on availability and cover a broader area of topics.  Classes are usually 2-2.5 hour each and many are back to back so you can sget the most out of your visit and get your prep done in one day!  Classes cover everything from wardrobe consultation, personalized interview development and technique, walking, posing, microphone use for introduction and on stage questions, review of contestant paperwork, makeup application and interview practice.  Most interview classes also include a take-home workbook with over 200 practice questions to get you prepared for your upcoming pageant!  Classes are limited to 10 students in order to ensure individualized attention and effective coaching.  PageantPrep classes are very effective and have produced TWO Teen USA state winners and a national Mrs. winner!

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 PageantPrep offers preparation services from the very beginning of the process to after obtaining your crown:

  • Pageant application/personal information sheet review- creation, styling, editing, and proofreading
  • Image consultation- what to wear and how to look for opening number, interview, evening gown, fitness/swimsuit and talent
  • Headshot photography - a winning headshot for your program book and appearances
  • Poise and appearance training - walking, standing, posing, sitting, turning, entering and exiting on stage and off
  • Make-up application - what colors to wear, how to apply them and when to wear them
  • Comprehensive interview training which focuses on both content and execution including on stage interview question
  • Over 900 sample interview questions- introspective personal questions and up to date current event and political questions
  • Platform creation, development and execution
  • Introduction drafting, editing, choreography and execution
  • Using the microphone effectively for all aspects of on stage speaking, introduction, spokesmodel and talent programs
  • Public speaking training before judges' panels, small groups and large audiences
  • Individual consultations and sessions
  • Group consultations and sessions (pageant orientation classes, group discount rates)

Not sure if you need a coach? 
ck here to find out if you do, and what you should be looking for when choosing a coach.

Contact us via e-mail at or by telephone/text at (401)484-1140.

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